StarGuard: Best Practices for Lifeguards 5th Edition

StarGuard: Best Practices for Lifeguards 5th Edition

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Author: Jill E. White
Page Count: 272
8.5 x 11


StarGuard: Best Practices for Lifeguards, Fifth Edition, assists lifeguard candidates in preventing, recognizing, and responding to water emergencies in pool, waterpark, and waterfront settings.

Combined with hands-on, scenario-based training sessions taught by authorized StarGuard instructors, the updated text and accompanying web resource teach the essentials of lifeguarding: prevention, surveillance, response and rescue, emergency care, and workplace safety and professionalism.

StarGuard: Best Practices for Lifeguards provides specific strategies for decision making. With this authoritative yet accessible guide you will learn the following:
  • Strategies for reducing risk at recreational aquatic venues
  • Essential skills for response and rescue, including how to perform land-based assists and water-based rescues 
  • How to recognize indicators of and critical events that can lead to distress and drowning
  • Emergency care skills in the event of a drowning, injury, or illness, including suspected spinal injuries
  • Techniques for adapting lifesaving skills for special situations, such as single-guard facilities, inflatable play structures, special events, or lifeguarding individuals with disabilities
  • Proper techniques for dealing with bodily fluids and fecal contaminations to reduce the risk of recreational water illness
The updated fifth edition contains the latest research on best practices in lifeguarding and emergency care, including the most current CPR/AED first aid content based on international guidelines.

From surveillance to prevention and emergency care, StarGuard: Best Practices for Lifeguards, Fifth Edition, covers all aspects of lifeguarding in an easy-to-understand format. Together, the text, online resource, and hands-on training course prepare lifeguards with the decision-making, emergency response, and first aid skills necessary for preventing water emergencies and saving lives.

Additionally, StarGuard: Best Practices for Lifeguards provides the foundation for the operational policies, procedures, and guidance delivered through the StarGuard Elite complete aquatic safety and risk management system available to aquatic facilities.


Textbook for lifeguards studying to achieve StarGuard certification. Foundational resource for other lifeguard training programs before in-water training occurs. Reference for individuals seeking lifeguarding certification and essential information on the responsibilities and skill sets of lifeguards.



Part I Prevention Strategy
Chapter 1 Foundation of Best Practices
Chapter 2 Reducing Risks at an Aquatic Facility
Chapter 3 Managing Bodily Fluids and Fecal Matter Contamination

Part II Surveillance
Chapter 4 Recognizing Distress and Drowning
Chapter 5 Looking for Distress and Drowning

Part III Response and Rescue
Chapter 6 Deciding to Act and Emergency Response
Chapter 7 Assists and Rescues

Part IV Emergency Care
Chapter 8 Managing Suspected Spinal Injuries
Chapter 9 Basic First Aid
Chapter 10 CPR for Professional Rescuers
Chapter 11 Rescue Breathing and CPR for Unresponsive Drowning Persons

Part V Workplace Environment
Chapter 12 Facilitating Workplace Safety
Chapter 13 Meeting Workplace Expectations
Chapter 14 Considering Site- and Situation-Specific Circumstances
Chapter 15 Lifeguarding at Waterparks and Similar Spaces
Chapter 16 Lifeguarding at Nonsurf Waterfronts

Appendix: Emergency Oxygen
Bibliography and Resources
About the Author


Jill White founded the Starfish Aquatics Institute (SAI) in 1999 and cofounded StarGuard Elite in 2016 with the mission to reduce drowning and save lives. She has consistently been named one of the Top 25 Most Influential People in Aquatics by Aquatics International magazine and has been the recipient of the prestigious Al Turner Memorial Commitment to Excellence Award from the World Waterpark Association. In the fall of 2014, White was inducted into the World Waterpark Hall of Fame.

She has authored textbooks on lifeguarding, lifeguarding instruction, water safety, and swim instruction and served as the aquatic education division director for Human Kinetics. She has firsthand experience in training, supervising, and managing lifeguards and has personally taught thousands of lifeguards and hundreds of lifeguarding instructors. White has collaborated in drowning prevention and standards development initiatives and is a frequent speaker at national and international conferences.

White lives in Savannah, Georgia.