Konfidence Original Jacket Swim Vest

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Take the fear out of swimming for your little one with the Konfidence Original Jacket Swim Vest. This swim vest helps to promote a proper swim position so your child can work on correcting their swim skills.

Fabric & Care

  • High-quality, durable Neoprene shell.
  • Soft, Lycra / Poly interior.
  • Rinse after use.


  • Promotes correct swimming position helping your child achieve a face forward position.
  • 8 removable floats allowing parents to adjust buoyancy levels as your child becomes more confident in the water.
  • Wetsuit grade neoprene and unique design assure the Konfidence Jacket will stay in place and not ride up.
  • NOTE: This item is NOT a life jacket and should not be used as one.

Sizing & Fit

  • Sized 2-7 years.



Konfidence™ is a family business that started trading in the UK in 1998. The company started with the design, manufacture, and distribution of the original product, the Konfidence Jacket™, which was a buoyant swimming aid for children.

The idea was to provide an alternative to the traditional arm bands, water wings and hand held swimming devices that would be more comfortable and secure. The Konfidence Jacket™ combines flotation with the comfort and looks of a wetsuit.

Konfidence™ continues to produce and develop new and innovative children's swimming devices. Its latest edition, the bestselling babywarma™ is designed to provide warmth for the baby and a secure grip for the mom and dad. Konfidence™ continually provides customers with the highest-quality products on the market, time and again. Shop Konfidence