Emergency Oxygen System (Soft Pack)

Emergency Oxygen System (Soft Pack)

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Easy-to-use emergency oxygen system capable of delivering 6 and 12 LPM ("NORM" and "HIGH") for high inspired oxygen concentrations.  Soft pack. LIFE® USP Grade pure Medical Oxygen is stable and does not expire, so it does not have to be replaced because of an expiration date. This unit is shipped UPS Ground within the continental US. If the unit is shipped outside the continental US or air shipment, the unit must be shipped empty. Note: A mandatory $15.00 Hazardous Materials shipping fee will be added to your shipping costs for this product. 

Lightweight portable companion for your AED 
to provide Emergency Oxygen to a breathing victim 
before the onset of fibrillation, oxygen enriched CPR 
to a non-breathing victim, or continued supplemental oxygen after successful defibrillation.
  • Light Weight...Only 6 Pounds! 
    4 1/2" D x 7 1/2" W x 15" H
  • Comfortable Handle & Shoulder Strap
  • Wall Mount Hook for easy access
  • Constant reading supply gauge through the window (other units must be turned on to read gauge)
  • 40 Minute Supply @ 6 Liters Per Minute
  • 250 Liter Aluminum "C" Cylinder
  • The cylinder is easily disposable/replaceable 
    or refillable at local gas distributors
  • Simple External Two-step instructions
    Inhalator: administer supplemental oxygen for a breathing victim
    Resuscitator: oxygen enriched mouth-to-mask CPR for a non-breathing victim
  • 5 Year Warranty

FDA Regulation minimum capability is 6 LPM flow rate. 
LIFE® 612 models deliver both the minimum of 6 LPM 
and the AHA recommended 100% inspired oxygen at 12 LPM, 
in just two simple settings which read "NORM" & "HIGH".
Only LIFE Corporation offers the simple 6&12 LPM flow rates.

American Heart Association Guidelines for CPR Oxygen
►"... give 100% inspired oxygen during Basic Life Support
     ... and Advanced Cardiac Life Support ... (BLS & ACLS)
     ... as soon as it becomes available."
►"... use supplemental oxygen...at a flow rate of 10-12 LPM
     ... to enable delivery of 100% inspired oxygen" (initially).