Aquatic Fitness Professional Manual 7th Edition

Aquatic Fitness Professional Manual 7th Edition

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Author: Aquatic Exercise Association
Page Count: 420
8.5 x 11


Aquatic fitness is as popular as ever. A proven fitness activity, it is challenging, fun, and immensely rewarding for all age groups and abilities. With reduced-impact options for group exercise, small-group fitness programs, and personal training, there is little wonder why expert aquatic fitness instructors are in demand. As the primary preparation resource for the certification exam of the Aquatic Exercise Association (AEA), Aquatic Fitness Professional Manual, Seventh Edition, provides you the tools to develop your expertise. 

With contributions from 19 industry experts with decades of experience, you will learn how to energize your teaching with techniques and programs based on many popular fitness formats, such as kickboxing, yoga, boot camp, Pilates, walking and jogging, circuits, intervals, and sport-specific training. You’ll also find updated research on shallow- and deep-water exercise, specialty equipment, the latest interval training techniques, working with special populations, and water safety guidelines. 

Nowhere else will you find the fitness applications and comprehensive programming you need in one convenient resource. Aquatic Fitness Professional Manual contains essential foundational information on the components of physical fitness, group fitness teaching techniques, and AEA Standards and Guidelines. Prepare for the AEA Aquatic Fitness Professional Certification exam and expand your teaching and career opportunities by cultivating the critical skills for leading safe, enjoyable, and effective aquatic exercise programs.


A reference for Aquatic Exercise Association (AEA) members, AEA-certified professionals, aquatic exercise instructors, and fitness instructors. Also a resource for individuals preparing for the AEA Aquatic Fitness Professional Certification exam.


PART I: Foundations of Fitness and Exercise
Chapter 1: Physical Fitness
Chapter 2: Exercise Anatomy
Chapter 3: Exercise Physiology
Chapter 4: Movement Analysis
Chapter 5: Exercise Motivation and Behavior

PART II: The Aquatic Environment
Chapter 6: Physical Laws as Applied to the Aquatic Environment
Chapter 7: Pool Environment and Design

PART III: Instruction and Programming
Chapter 8: Shallow-Water Exercise  
Chapter 9: Deep-Water Exercise
Chapter 10: Aquatic Exercise Leadership 
Chapter 11: Aquatic Exercise Programming 
Chapter 12: Special Populations and Health Conditions 

PART IV: Safety, Scope of Practice, and Legal
Chapter 13: Safety, Emergencies, Injuries, and Instructor Health
Chapter 14: Basic Nutrition and Weight Management 
Chapter 15: Business Issues and Legal Considerations 

Appendix A: Shallow-Water Exercise 
Appendix B: Deep-Water Exercise 
Appendix C: Aquatic Fitness Equipment
Appendix D: Answers to Chapter Review Questions
Appendix E: Instructor Worksheets
Appendix F: Sample Class Formats

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The Aquatic Exercise Association (AEA) is a not-for-profit educational organization committed to the advancement of aquatic fitness worldwide. It has certified more than 45,000 professionals worldwide.

AEA is committed to increasing awareness, education, and networking opportunities to benefit professionals as well as the general public. With AEA, achieving healthy lifestyles through aquatic fitness is a global team effort. AEA embraces cultural diversity in the industry to ensure that individuals worldwide can enjoy and employ the benefits of aquatic fitness programs regardless of age, ability, goals, or interests.